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Welcome to Insight Tax Preparation

In light of the ongoing developments of the COVID19 public health crisis, Insight Tax Solutions has suspended all face-to-face meetings until further notice. For current clients who still need to complete 2019 tax returns, drop off tax documents in the secure lock box outside the back door, next to the office. Please email or call to let us know that you are dropping off your paperwork so we can collect it promptly.

Currently, Steven Curtis is transitioning out of tax preparation to focus more time and energy on his growing investment advising and managing business, Insight Investment Solutions. Effective immediately, Steven Curtis is not accepting new tax clients.

For new clients interested in our tax preparation service, licensed tax preparer Maggie Cooper McDonald is available to prepare your return. Contact her at (541)968-3997 or

Insight Investment Solutions continues to offer financial planning and investment advising and management services for existing and new clients. To make an appointment, email or call (541)465-1399. A new website featuring Insight Investment Services’ full array of services is coming soon and a link to it will be available from this site.

As always, we thank you for your loyal support these many years and for helping us grow such a wonderful community of clients. It has been our pleasure to serve you.

Insight Tax Solutions offers…

Accuracy: Ensuring your return is accurate is my top priority. One mistake could cost you hundreds of dollars, or worse, cause your return to be rejected by the Internal Revenue Service, which would delay your refund by many weeks or even months. In addition to my extensive training, Insight Tax Solutions’ highly specialized professional tax preparation & management software double checks all returns.

Express-filing:  Insight Tax Solutions is an IRS-approved e-file organization. With e-file and direct deposit, you can get your refund back in approximately 8 days without any additional fees. In addition, I make every effort to expedite the preparation of your return.

Affordability: My rates are very affordable, especially compared to the services of a certified public accountant or large, national tax preparation businesses. Free estimates are always available.

Latest tax law knowledge: Tax laws are complex, so doing your own return can be difficult, time-consuming and stressful, especially as the due date nears. As a state-licensed tax consultant, I am required to know the latest tax laws for both federal and state and business and personal returns. My thorough analysis of your tax portfolio can uncover numerous credits, rebates and deductions to ensure you receive your maximum refund.

Convenience:  My at home office is centrally located in the College Hill/Friendly Area neighborhood of Eugene. My hours of operation are flexible and designed to meet your busy life needs. Our office is staffed to provide drop in service without appointments during the tax season. Also, tax planning, amended returns and tax & financial consultation are available to you year-round.

Personalized service: I believe that building a strong rapport and relationship with my clients helps me to better understand the whole financial and personal picture to meet your short and long term financial needs and goals, as well as, maximize your tax return.

Thank you and I look forward to guiding you through the tax jungle this year,

Steven Curtis
State of Oregon – Licensed Tax Consultant (29064-C)

Maggie Cooper McDonald
State of Oregon – Licensed Tax Preparer (35186-P)

Andre Kuttis
State of Oregon – Licensed Tax Preparer (907942-P)

*Prices may vary depending on complexity of tax forms.