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Self-employed/Small Business Tax Preparation

Insight Tax Solutions specializes in sole proprietor, single member LLC and S Corp small business tax preparation.

As an owner of a small business, I understand that owners must wear many hats to be successful.  Adding complicated tax laws, business planning and the annual return preparation can be very anxiety producing. In addition, ensuring you minimize your tax burden and maximize your profit is not just an annual event, but a year round effort.

Insight Tax Solutions is ready to work with you year round on business planning and preparation of your federal return…no matter how complex the situation.

Consultation with a tax and financial professional is highly recommended before starting a new business, major business purchases, anticipating new income cash flows, business expansion. Also, you work hard for your money; tax and retirement planning helps you to retain the money you work for, minimize your tax burden and address times in which you may not be able to work.

Year-round availability for tax and financial advice and planning, including amendments, extended returns and strategic business planning.

Specializing in…

  • Tax Planning
  • All Business expenses
  • Contract Labor
  • Estimated Quarterly Payments
  • Independent Contractor
  • Self Employment Tax
  • Home office expenses
  • Rental Property
  • Depreciation Issues
  • Travel, Meals & Entertainment
  • Inventory & Cost of Goods
  • Start Up Costs
  • Retirement Plans

My process is very simple —

After our initial conversation on the phone or through email, we will schedule our fact and document gathering meeting. This meeting can be in your home or at my office. Please utilize the Small Business Tax Organizer to help prepare questions and gather necessary documents prior to meeting. During this meeting I will utilize the tax organizer in asking questions to fully understand all situations related to your tax return.

I prepare all tax returns in my home-based office. After completing your return we will schedule a second meeting, at your home or my office, to go over all details of the return and discuss ways to lessen your tax burden.

Your tax return is then immediately e-filed to the IRS and appropriate state agency. You will be provided with a folder containing copies of all documents and forms related to your return.