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Mission Statement & What to Expect

Mission Statement

To set the standard for individual, small business and trust tax preparation services by ensuring that every client receives the highest levels of accuracy and tax law knowledge; prompt preparation and immediate filing, affordable rates, and personalized customer service in the comfort of my neighborhood-based office. 

At Insight Tax Solutions, I don’t just input numbers into a computer and create your return in 20 minutes. Rather,  I am dedicated to the hard work and ongoing training necessary to update and expand my tax preparation and financial planning skills and knowledge of tax laws throughout the year to meet the needs of my individual and small business clients. You can expect me to ask lots of questions, to understand what you do and how you do it — and then scour for every legitimate deduction.  In addition, I want to be your tax teacher who educates you not only on what’s allowable as a deduction but also on how to structure your activities to minimize your tax exposure. In short, I take a holistic approach to your tax and financial management, focusing on helping you, your families and your business achieve your short and long term financial and personal goals and dreams.

The main focus at Insight Tax Solutions is:

  1. To provide accurate, accessible and affordable tax preparation and planning;
  2. To expedite the preparation and filing of your return and to ensure that we are taking full advantage of all tax credits, deductions and expenses based on the latest tax laws;
  3. To develop a strong rapport and relationship with my clients to better understand their whole financial and personal situation in order provide short and long term tax and financial advice.

What you can expect from Insight Tax Solutions is:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your tax returns are being prepared by an experienced State of Oregon  licensed tax consultant and that your financial data and personal information are secured with encrypted software and data storage protection.
  • To save money and time with fast, affordable and convenient federal and all-states returns with free e-file.
  • Expertise in all aspects of individual, business and trust tax preparation.
  • Locally-owned, convenient year-round tax and investment service with free tax consultation year-round with paid perparation.
  • Convenience of appointments available in your home with free pick-up and drop-off service or in my neighborhood-based office.
  • Personalized services for all tax and financial needs.