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Individual and Self Employed Tax Preparation Prices

At Insight Tax Solutions, I utilize a per-form price in calculating charges for tax return preparation fees.  Below you will find several of the most popular tax return configurations to get an approximate pricing for your return. For a more detailed price estimate, please see Estimated Price Worksheet.

 Rates include:

  • Free Federal and State e-filing
  • Free, full-time tax advising throughout the year
Tax Return DescriptionPrices
1040EZ and State (Forms 1040EZ, OR 40)$65
1040A and State (Forms 1040A, OR 40)$80
1040 and State (Forms 1040, OR 40)$130
+ Itemized Deductions (Form Schedule A)$35
+ Rental Property (Form Schedule E)$55
+ Capital Gains from sale of stock (Form Schedule D and 8949)$40
+ Earned Income Credit, Childcare expenses, additional child tax credit.$120
+ Self-employed business, At-home expenses, depreciation, self employment tax.$160–205