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Financial & Investment Services

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Introduction to Insight Investment Solutions LLC

Insight Investment Solutions, LLC with Steven Curtis, as an Investment Advisor Representative, provides fee-based investment management and financial advisory services.

Insight Investment Solutions, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor firm in the State of Oregon. Prior to any advisory work conducted outside Oregon, Insight Investment Solutions, LLC would become registered in that jurisdiction or qualify for an exemption or exclusion to the registration.

Insight Investment Solutions is prepared to manage investments in the following type of accounts: 

  • All types of retirement accounts (Traditional and Roth IRAs, SEPs, etc.), transferred 401(K) and 403(b) accounts upon retirement and all other types of personal retirement accounts.
  • Non-retirement accounts. These are commonly known as brokerage accounts.
  • Trusts. Living, revocable or irrevocable.

In addition, Insight Investment Solutions, LLC provides the following financial, investment and tax advisory and analysis services:

  • Comprehensive financial planning;
  • Directed and focused financial analysis to help you make informed short or long term financial and investment decisions.

Statement of Principles

At Insight Investment Solutions, we strive to move from a linear perspective to one that integrates all aspects of a clients financial situation, personal relationships and cash flow and objectives requirements. Because markets, and life, are cyclical, we believe our client relationship and approach to portfolio management must provide a long-term approach and navigate the changes that the markets and life will inevitably provide.   We also believe that wealth might well be defined as developing a lifestyle that permits you to do what you love to do for as long as you wish.

Also, Insight Investment Solutions has adopted a Code of Ethics that reflects our fiduciary obligation and personal desire to our investment advisory clients.  This Code of Ethics sets out ideals for ethical conduct premised on fundamental principles of openness, integrity, honesty and trust.

Insight Investment Solutions LLC is a fee-based advisory and asset management service backed by a fiduciary standard of responsibility in the management and evaluation of your investments are required by the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. This high standard of management includes:

  • Render advice and act solely in the best interest of the client at all times;
  • No self dealing and provide full disclosure of all material facts affecting your account;
  • Make sure investment advice and analysis is as thorough and as accurate as possible. 
  • Continually analyze client goals, objectives and risk tolerance to investment plan.
  • Provide ongoing advice and monitoring of the client’s investment plan.

What you can expect and what are the benefits of utilizing Insight Investments.

  • Lower fees.  As a fee-based independent Financial Advisor, I seek to decrease your fees through investment selections, managed overhead expenses and no advertising (just referrals!). Therefore, I have been able to reduce my management fees below the standard 1%. In addition, my fees include financial planning, tax preparation and tax and financial consultation
  • Face to face quarterly meetings. Insight meets with all clients each quarter to review portfolio performance, update client financial plans, address any tax implications, discuss short and long term cash needs and outline future strategies and economic conditions;
  • Weekly monitoring and management. Portfolios go through an extensive weekly review to ensure investment and asset allocation criteria are met and consistency with client risk tolerance and investment plan is maintained;
  • Comprehensive financial plans and focused financial analysis. On-going, goal and cash flow based, financial planning to map your way towards your goals and objectives, such as retirement.
  • Local management. Office located in Eugene, Oregon. Able to meet client needs via phone, in-person or email when a financial situation or required analysis occurs.
  • Investment screening and evaluation. For Insight Investment Solutions, researching new opportunities, analyzing current positions and evaluating the various asset markets is part of my daily routine. Based on this research I may recommend buying or selling positions for reasons that include, harvesting capital gains or losses, business or sector risk exposure of a specific security or class of securities, over-valuation or overweighting of the position(s) in the portfolio, change in risk tolerance of client, suspended or decreased dividends, asset drops below investment criteria or any risk deemed unacceptable for the client’s risk tolerance.
  • Risk management. Utilize position sizing strategy and set stop loss orders to prevent a catastrophic decrease in all stocks due to a major market fluctuation.

Understanding our client – A comprehensive view

By taking your financial information from various aspects of your life and integrating this information with your current and long term goals and concerns, Insight Investment produces numerous scenarios and cash flow models that are projected to improve your present and future financial situation. This evaluation is a fully integrated financial planning process which produces short, medium and long term financial, investment and cash flow analysis and recommendations.  This information then becomes the foundation for developing a personalized investment portfolio.

For example, a couple transitioning into retirement may need a portfolio to produce supplemental income without extreme stock market movements or the need to sell stocks or bonds to constantly cover cash flow needs. Our belief is that life impacts finances and finances impact life, so we take a holistic view in developing scenarios that meet your personal situation, aspirations for your family and the ability to withstand sudden changes in life or economic conditions.

Portfolio Investment Process

Development of a comprehensive financial plan

As stated above, a comprehensive financial planning process is the first step, as goals and objectives for your portfolio are developed. This process looks to define your objectives and goals, upcoming expenses, and short and long term income requirements.

Development of an Investment Plan Statement

Understanding a client’s Risk Tolerance

With any investment plan, the rewards we seek come with the risk of loss. In addition, striving for greater returns usually correlates with increased risk of loss. Therefore, each client fills out an individual financial questionnaire and a risk and objective analysis questionnaire to develop an individual baseline to guide current and future investment decisions. This critical analysis, plus your individual meetings, will determine your comfort level with this risk/reward ratio and provides necessary information to develop the asset allocation, investment strategy and type of equity investment recommendations that are consistent with your risk level and account objectives.  

The ability to tolerate the uncertainties, complexities and volatility inherent in the investment markets is a significant consideration in the development of your investment program. Some of the factors considered include: (1) your age: (2) your financial condition; (3) your future financial goals; (4) your ability to accept any real or nominal loss of capital in any 12 month period; and several other factors. 

Portfolio Recommendation by Asset Class and Time Horizon

Based on your financial goals and finances, tax status, asset constraints, risk tolerance and investment objectives a recommended portfolio is developed. The portfolio balances risk and reward and attempts to achieve the stated objectives of the investment plan.

A recommended investment strategy and portfolio aims to reduce investment risk, while maintaining an acceptable rate of return by spreading an individual’s investments over a range of asset types. By selecting  a mix of different investments you may not get the full impact of rising markets, but will cushion your risk if the market declines. Additionally, a strategy is developed regarding how and when funds will be invested, resulting in current and target portfolios.